(Extract from the Act of incorporation)

GEOBAT S.A. is a Corporation(**) founded in Lausanne on December 30, 1968 and registered in the Commercial Directory of the Canton of Fribourg – Switzerland (Reg. n° CH-217-0132148-1).

The company's aim is to participate in the project development and construction management of multi-disciplinary engineering projects, public works and construction in general, in Switzerland and abroad, for its own benefit as well as for third parties.

The company is allowed to found subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad; it may participate in any similar or identical firm, perform any commercial trade and assume any function of such nature as to develop and expand the goals of the company which are directly or indirectly in relation to its aims.

Management: Gaetano Guzzinati, President Managing Director

** Société anonyme (SA) / Aktiengeselshaft (AG) / Società per Azioni (SpA)

Tél.: +41 (0)26 402 7474
Fax : +41 (0)26 402 3831
Mob.: +41 (0)79 213 6261

route du Platy 7a
case postale 357
1701 Fribourg - Switzerland

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